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Category: Chromatography
Manufacturer: Cytiva

ÄKTA™ Pure 25M - Fully Refurbished w/ 1 Year Full Service Coverage Warranty Available

Analytical Technologies Group (ATG) is a third party service provider for laboratory research instruments with a customer base that includes large multinational pharmaceutical companies, cutting edge biotech firms, preeminent research Universities and US government research institutions. From time to time we also sell instruments, which always come fully refurbished, tested and performing within manufacturer's specifications.  

For sale we have an AKTA Pure system for protein purification.

This system is completely re-plumbed, comes with computer workstation preloaded with control software, performance data from testing showing within manufacturer specifications, full Preventative Maintenance prior to shipping, and is ready for use with a 90-day "depot" warranty. A depot warranty covers all parts and labor but the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping to and from ATG. We also offer a 1-year full service contract covering all parts, labor, and travel for an additional cost.

Please call if you require custom valves, multi-column setup or custom plumbing.

The AKTA Purifier system comes complete with the following:

Preventative Maintenance performed prior to shipping

All Power and Communication Cables

Performance Data from Testing showing within OEM specifications

Includes Fraction Collector F9-C and P9-S Pump and One Year Service Contract from Analytical Technologies Group.