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Category: Chromatography

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S/N: 28909827

  • 1” OD stainless-steel process piping
  • 4 inlets (2 per pump, with CIP Manifold attached)
  • Two (2), 3-Stage Isocratic Hygienic Pump with min flow rate of 45 L/hr and max flow rate of 1800 L/hr
  • 3 Pressure Sensors (2 on system, 1 on sample cart)
  • 1 Bubble Trap
  • Single Column (6 valves, with capability for Upflow, Downflow, Bypass High, Bypass Low, and Bypass Both)
  • Post-Column multiwavelength UV Detection and pH
  • 2 Conductivity Meters (pre-column & post-column)
  • Dual Flow Controller
  • Dual Air Sensors
  • 6 Outlets w/manifold

Includes the following:

  • Preventative Maintenance, Testing and Calibration (PMTC) performed prior to shipping. Sample documentation is available upon request.
  • Performance Data from Testing showing the system functions within all OEM specifications.
  • Computer and control software with Strategy/Instrument Configuration built-in
  • ATG One-Year Service Contract covering Unlimited Emergency Repairs (travel included), Unlimited Repair Parts, Unlimited Phone and Email Support, and Priority Appointments (domestic US only)