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Sku: BLE2200206
Category: Centrifuges
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26S XPI with Elutriation

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This upgraded build of the J36S kicks up the accel/decel profiles from 2/3 to 12/13 and includes the elutriation particle separation functionality. The J-26S XPI Centrifuge brings standard-setting performance, including high speed, low heat output, imbalance tolerance and low noise. Three phase filtration further separates the sluice into solids, liquids and gases. Above and beyond its BioSafety systems, this centrifuge has a more impact-resistant lid, full containment barrier and automatic rotor identification. Its ergonomic design--with lower instrument height and hands-free door operation--remains unchanged. The J-265 XPI Centrifuge processes up to six liters of fermentor output in less than 10 minutes, delivers a subcellular fraction at 82,000 x g, runs 24 microplates at a time and separates live cell populations with elutriation. It automatically detects which rotor is installed and prevents the rotor from running above its maximum-rated speed, and enables quicker, quieter, more energy-efficient runs with better temperature control. The exclusive high-torque, switched reluctance (SR) drive shortens cycle times.



JE-5.0 Elutriator Rotor, Aluminum and Stainless Steel